How to use the myTOMRA app

A new option for digitally-minded recyclers

These days there’s an app for all kinds of everyday activities, and even your TOMRA recycling can be enriched with digital experiences through the myTOMRA app (available in selected regions). Find out more about how the myTOMRA app lets you get electronic payout of your recycling refund, find your nearest returns point, and track your recycling achievements. 

The free myTOMRA app gives fast, secure and convenient payout for your used drink containers when you return them to a TOMRA reverse vending machine for recycling.


Download the myTOMRA app and connect it to your PayPal account to receive your recycling refunds digitally. The other option is to receive a digital voucher in myTOMRA which you can redeem at a participating partner.*   

The app can be used at any myTOMRA-enabled reverse vending location. Find your closest location, sign in with myTOMRA at the reverse vending machine and you will see your name on the machine screen. Return your empties for recycling and follow the on-screen instructions. Your recycling refunds will be available in your myTOMRA profile, or in your PayPal account if you have added PayPal.


Short on time, and still want to recycle? Our bag drop facilities are perfect for returning your containers on the go and are easy to use. 

How it works:

 How to use Bag drop


1. Bag it. Bring your used drink containers in closed bags 
2. Stick it. Attach one barcode sticker to each bag. Stickers are provided at the bag drop site.
3. Scan it. Scan each barcode sticker with the myTOMRA app.
4. Drop it. Deliver the bags at the drop off point. 

Your refunds are transferred to you within 48 hours. You can check the progress of your return at any time under the “Refund” section of your myTOMRA app.



Open the map and browse for your preferred location and select the map marker for your desired reverse vending machine. The map gives you directions to the site and lets you quickly view the live status of your preferred location on your profile screen. The myTOMRA app will show the machines as open, almost full, temporarily unavailable, or in sleep mode during out-of-hours periods. That way, you can check the status of your favorite RVM before you even head out to recycling.










You can earn achievements and badges from your recycling efforts in the myTOMRA app. Every time you use myTOMRA and recycle your drink containers, your efforts will go towards earning new badges.


myTOMRA badges reward you for:

  • The number of containers that you recycle
  • Recycling at unique locations
  • Having a certain amount of recycling sessions
  • Recycling large amounts of containers in a single session
  • Using the bag drop feature at a TOMRA Recycling Centre
  • And so many more…

You can even customize your achievement page and share your recently awarded badges on social media. New badges will be added in future as well, so stay tuned.





Where is myTOMRA available?
myTOMRA is currently available in:

  • New York State, USA
  • New South Wales and Queensland, Australia
  • NOVA Business School Lisbon, Portugal

The free myTOMRA app is available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

*Not all payout options or features are available in all markets.